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I have had a fascination with video cameras and the emotions they can evoke since I was 10, when my dad purchased a Sony Handycam. I remember spending hours playing around making stop motion videos and mockumentaries with my sister.


I studied film and television in high school. I started to explore and take an interest in camera movement and the effect that can have on the audience. I remember trying to make a Jib Crane for my video camera out of 100mm PVC pipe and a cheap tripod. I will be honest it was not the greatest but kind of did the job. I was fascinated by the movement produced by the Steadicam when watching the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney.


Towards the end of high school I moved away from film and focused on a more stable career path.  I chose to become a plumber


8 years later and prior to going on a 2 month trip around Europe I decided to buy some cameras and play around with a YouTube channel. I instantly fell back in love with the creative process.


Since 2015 I have placed more of my focus on video production. I have been incredibly fortunate with the opportunities that have come my way since reconnecting with this passion.

Phill Woodhouse

Founder & Producer
Em & Alex Wedding_LowRes_22092018-0250.j

I have been in love with photography since I was given my first camera at the age of 15. A photo doesn't just allow you to capture the moment, but also gives you the freedom to express your own view of the world. Two people can photograph the same thing and no two people will come back with the same image.

My photography is influenced by a love of colour, and a tendency to focus on patterns and textures. Nature and architecture are my passion, as well as the little shared moments that are so easily missed or forgotten.

Charlotte Evans

Associate Photographer & positive energy guru
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